Saltwater Chlorinators

For the best Saltwater Chlorinators in Australia, we aim to provide you with quality pool supplies at affordable prices and make the shopping experience online simple and hassle free. We have range of pool supplies from saltwater chlorinators form all major brands.

We pride ourselves on fast and efficient service enabling you to receive your order quickly, delivered right to your front door. If you can't find the product you are looking for simply contact us and we will endeavour to source it for you at the most competitive price.

Why customers choose Best Chlorinator Cells Generic Replacement Cells:

1. The platinum coated titanium used in all our cells is sourced from the No.1 supplier in the world in the USA. A solid relationship of over 20 years, ensures supreme quality and reliability of all material used.

2. Unlike other manufacturers we use 1.0mm titanium plate and never less than 0.9mm.

3. We only use 100% new parts to manufacture all cells and never any re-grind material unlike other cells found in the market. We have learnt that titanium and plastic have a limited life.

4. Best warranties (full 2 years on all cells in residential installations).

5. When we design our saltwater chlorinator generic cells, we make improvements where needed, so in most cases the cells are better structured and will last longer than the original.

6. We supply saltwater generic replacement cells that are not mass produced, supplying a wide variety to cater for the needs of the market.

7. All cells are made with a solid cathode unless design or power pack does not allow for this, meaning we will only carry one style of cell and anything different will be a special order.

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